About Us

Today’s Class is an interactive online learning system for secondary schools, career centers, and technical colleges. We offer comprehensive courses in a variety of disciplines, with an emphasis on preparing students for high-stakes testing and entry-level careers.

Engaging exercises, step-by-step video demonstrations, and dynamic animations make Today’s Class a fully interactive addition to the instructor’s curriculum, and the user-friendly Learning Management System provides convenient accessibility for both student and instructor.

  • Member of the National Consortium for Health Science Education's Publishers Coalition
  • Continuing Automotive Service Education (CASE) accreditation in eLearning
  • Recognition of Excellence by the US Department of Labor
  • Award of Excellence in eLearning by the Automotive Training Manager Council
  • Recognized for Outstanding Support and Service by the North Carolina Trade and Industry Teachers Association

For more information about Today's Class, please see Today's Class President and CEO Rod Boyes' interview with Kathy Ireland on Worldwide Business with Kathy Ireland ® below:


  • What is Today’s Class?
    Today’s Class is a web-based educational program delivering interactive coursework to school systems and technical institutions.
  • What programs are offered?
    Currently, Today’s Class offers agriscience, automotive, cosmetology, health science and workplace readiness programs. The cosmetology program aligns with most states’ standards cosmetology curricula, providing comprehensive theory and step-by-step methodology. The health science program explores each system of the body and the protocol for vital sign measurement and emergency response. The automotive program touches on the eight core NATEF areas and related technician services.
  • Are there any printed materials or hard copy supplements to the online modules?
    Yes: Where applicable, Today’s Class course modules embed printable industry standard NATEF Task Sheets and conclude with full color course summaries. Each module is a printable eTextbook. Both are available in PDF format and may be saved and printed at anytime.
  • Does Today’s Class ever add new courses? Does this affect the price?
    New courses are continuously developed and added to all programs. Annual program license fees do not increase when courses are added.
  • How do I purchase Today’s Class?
    Please call 1.877.224.0435 option 2 or email [email protected] for purchasing details.
  • Does Today’s Class support any elements of the Perkins IV legislation?
    The Perkins IV legislation includes a number of requirements that states must engage as part of the State Plan. Today’s Class fulfills many of the requirements of the Perkins IV legislation, including:
    • Certification and Industry Standards
    • Increase the Use of Technology in Education
    • Improve Graduation Rates
    • Partnerships with industry-Access to Data Systems
    • Teacher Preparation
    • Matriculation and Rural Programs
  • How can I access Today’s Class?
    The site is accessible seven days a week, 24 hours a day, from any Internet connection.
  • Is my school’s server responsible for hosting the material?
    No, your school’s server is not responsible for hosting any material-Today’s Class servers host all the information. This allows students and instructors to access Today’s Class from any computer with internet connectivity. A bookmark feature allows students to progress through the modules at their own pace and return to the point they left, regardless of where they login.
  • What is the Learning Management System?
    The Learning Management System (LMS) handles all bookmarking, test administering, grading, reporting and communication conducted within Today’s Class. The intuitive features are designed to ensure that Today’s Class is accurate and easy to use for students and instructors alike. LMS enhancements and additional features are constantly in development to improve the user experience.
  • How is student progress measured?
    Today’s Class measures student progress with incremental quizzes and a comprehensive final exam within each module. The LMS instantaneously grades each completed test and provides feedback reports to both student and instructor.
  • How do students and instructors receive grades on completed assignments?
    Feedback is provided to the student instantly upon quiz and test completion. Instructors may also view student feedback within the student and course histories progress indicator, which details each quiz and exam question and submitted answer. Student progress is available to instructors in the form of printable reports, with options to search both student and course histories. We also provide a session report for instructors to view what modules students have accessed and the amount of time spent on a page.
  • How can I get help when using Today’s Class?
    Today’s Class provides live toll-free technical support ( 1-877-224-0435 option 1, as well as email support( [email protected]), to instructors and administrators. Today’s Class instructor accounts are also equipped with an interactive tutorial program, featuring voiceover narration and visual examples for each topic.