Today's Class Agriscience contains five large courses containing a total of 42 units, covering a broad range of content that provides a solid foundation of both theory and practical knowledge. Students are prepared for Career Development Events as well as professional careers in a wide range of areas including farming, agricultural industry, horticulture, and environmental careers.

Courses contain dozens of interactive animations and games, illustrating such concepts as the history of agriculture, the food web, pest control, and agricultural production. Over 450 pages of downloadable study guides are also included.

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Concepts of Agriscience

Concepts of Agriscience 2: Animals

Concepts of Agriscience 3: Plants

Concepts of Agriscience 4: Environment

Concepts of Agriscience 5: Mechanization

Animal Agriscience 1

Animal Agriscience 2: Animals as Living Organisms

Animal Agriscience 3: Production and Market