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What are 3 ways Today’s Class can help improve the skills of my technicians?

  • Our learning experts can help you develop a course curriculum that meets your needs and budget.
  • We offer pre- and post-assessments to measure technician progress and identify areas for improvement.
  • We can get you up and running with your online classroom within 30 days!

What does the Today’s Class solution offer fleets?

  • Our courses include the curriculum your technicians need – maintenance and light repair, electrical,
    circuits and meters, steering and suspension and much more.
  • Our built-in learning management system gets you set up quickly, saving you time.
  • Interactive content including videos, simulations, games, and exercises to keep your techs engaged.
  • Built-in reporting tools so you can manage your technicians’ progress.

How can Today’s Class help me manage the technician shortage?

  • Use our pre-assessments to assess new hires, helping you determine how and where to place them.
  • View technician competencies across your user base, helping you determine if a technician in one area has
    the skills to assist in another location.
  • Prepare technicians for industry-level certifications.
  • Improve the skills of your existing technicians with industry-leading curriculum, videos, games, and simulations.

  • Engaging interactive content including games, videos, simulations, and drag-and-drop exercises
  • Relevant, comprehensive curriculum
  • Easy-to-use, built-in learning management system
  • Efficient reporting tools
  • Simple course navigation
  • Automatically-graded quizzes and exams
  • Access from anywhere with an internet connection

  • 75% of instructors say Today’s Class has helped their technicians/students improve their scores on state board and certification exams
  • 85% of instructors rate Today’s Class student management and control functionality as “Good” or “Outstanding”
  • 95% of instructors say Today’s Class does a great job of helping students learn theory, terminology, and fundamentals


Stan Moczulski

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